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7 Mission Agencies Doing Medical Missions

Are you a medical / health professional feeling a call to missions? You may want to consider one of these 7 mission agencies doing medical missions around the world.

Medical Missions – What is it?

According to Medicalmissions.com, “Medical missions is the term used for Christian missionary endeavors that involve the administration of any kind of medical treatment. The Medical Missions team believes that medical missions means connecting your skills with your calling.

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At The Mission App, we believe that the heart behind “medical missions” is to minister mercy in the name of Jesus Christ which brings physical healing but more importantly, spiritual healing.

Short-Term Medical Missions – There are many opportunities for medical / health professionals to use their skills to serve the Lord on short-term mission trips. Just google “short term medical mission trips” and you will find a huge number of opportunities.

Our focus in on long-term medical missions – At The Mission App, we have partnered with mission agencies that are looking for medical / health care professionals who want to serve Jesus long-term.

We have chosen these 7 mission agencies that are looking for medical professionals for church planting among the unreached.

7 Mission Agencies to Consider

There are many different mission agencies that offer opportunities for medical missions. We have compiled a list of 7 well known agencies that we partner with at The Mission App. This list is not in any particular order but each of these agencies does excellent work. If you check out our Agency Finder Tool, you will find over 20 mission agencies that offer opportunities in medical missions.

Africa Inland Mission

Africa Inland Mission has been offering medical missions in Africa for many decades. Perhaps one of their most popular opportunities for docs is the Kijabe Medical Center. AIM is looking for medical professionals who are willing to go serve among the unreached.

According to their website, AIM has a number of open positions for medical / health care workers. A quick search showed opportunities in Chad, Uganda, Mozambique and many more countries in Africa.

Find out more about Africa Inland Mission


SIM is a catalyst for global mission with more than 4,000 workers from 65 different nations, serving in over 70 countries worldwide. Over the past decades, SIM has been placing medical professionals among the least reached.

From my limited interaction with SIM, I know that currently have placed some key medical professionals in strategic unreached countries . If you are looking for medical missions, SIM could be a great option

Find out more about SIM


Crossworld is a community of disciple-makers from all professions bringing God’s love to life in the world’s least-reached marketplaces.

Crossworld are looking for professional for all sectors including medical & health. From their website, you can see a number of opportunities in medical missions.

Find out more about Crossworld

Team Expansion

Team Expansion also has opportunities in the medical / health sectors for missions. From their website, you can search “medical” and find some opportunities.

Team Expansion exists to multiply disciples and churches among the unreached. Our desire is to see every person, tribe and tongue reached with the gospel of Christ. We’re working toward that goal through evangelism, church planting, and disciple making movement strategies in strategic ways through your skillset and passions.

Find out more about Team Expansion


Pioneers has a long history of work in medical missions. You may enjoy this blog post: Scalpels & Stethoscopes: Exploring Mission Opportunities in Health Care.

Pioneers goes to the ends of the earth in relentless pursuit of the unreached. Unreached people groups are ethnic groups without a self-sustaining gospel witness. To reach them, we mobilize teams to initiate church planting movements among them

Find out more about Pioneers

Encompass World Partners

Since 1900, we have been on a mission to glorify God and make Him known among the nations by investing in individuals. Currently, Encompass serves 228 people groups in 29 countries across the globe.

Looking on their website, they have a number of medical missions opportunities including some in Chad.

Find out more about Encompass World Partners

World Team

Another mission agency that offers medical missions in World Team. They offer a number of ministry opportunities in the Philippines, Cameroon, Spain and more.

World Team’s mission is to glorify God by working together to establish reproducing churches focusing on unreached people groups. We do this through innovative teams multiplying disciples and communities of believers, bringing the gospel within reach of lost people everywhere we go. 

Find out more about World Team

Is God calling you to medical missions?

If this is your heart, please take the next step & fill out our mission application. We can then connect you with these mission agencies who work in medical missions. Health care workers of all types are needed to help spread the good news of Jesus Christ to the nations.

Don’t wait! “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few”

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