5 Mission Agencies Church Planting Among The Unreached Of Central Asia | The Mission App
5 mission agencies church planting among the unreached of Central Asia

5 Mission Agencies Church Planting Among the Unreached of Central Asia

Are you being called to serve among the unreached in Central Asia? We have put together 5 mission agencies church planting among the unreached of Central Asia that you will want to consider.

Unreached of Central Asia – who are they?

According to the Joshua Project, “An unreached or least-reached people is a people group among which there is no indigenous community of believing Christians with adequate numbers and resources to evangelize this people group without outside assistance.”

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Central Asia is understood to be the countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, “Islam is the dominant religion [in Central Asia], with most adherents belonging to the Sunni branch. As a result of the region’s historical incorporation into Russia and then the Soviet Union, large numbers of Russians and Ukrainians give it a distinctive multi-ethnic character.”

5 Mission Agencies to Consider

There are many different mission agencies that work among the unreached of Central Asia. We have compiled a list of 5 well known agencies that we partner with at The Mission App. This list is not in any particular order but each of these agencies does excellent work. Using the Agency Finder Tool you can find many more missions focused on Central Asia.

Global Serve International

“We exist to plant mature churches in unengaged people groups.”

According to their website, “Unengaged people groups, worldview complexities, closed areas, and strong partner churches all play a part in where we choose to work.”

Check out their website to Read about how Chunhua didn’t think Bible translation was for her until she heard Psalm 51 in her mother tongue, in A Central Asia Story | Chunhua Changed through Bible Translation.

Find out more about Global Serve International


“Pioneers goes to the ends of the earth in relentless pursuit of the unreached. Unreached people groups are ethnic groups without a self-sustaining gospel witness. To reach them, we mobilize teams to initiate church planting movements among them.”

Watch their video, Global Glimpse – Church Planting in Central Asia, on their website to hear about Pioneers who are working to initiate a church planting among the unreached of the region.

Find out more about Pioneers

TWR International

“TWR International is a non-profit, global, Christian media organization that creates and distributes audio media over radio (shortwave, AM and FM) and digital media over the Internet in over 230 languages in order to reach the entire world for Christ so that lasting fruit is produced.”

In recognition of the widespread persecution of Christians in this region, especially for believers who are converting from other major religions TWR International’s vision is:
“to enable first-generation Central Asian believers to study the Word of God safely by providing biblically sound content on various media platforms.”

Find out more about TWR International

One Mission

“We are an evangelical missions organization dedicated to transforming lives for Christ by multiplying disciples, churches, leaders, and missionary movements.”

According to their website, “OMS was founded on the principle that the most effective way to spread the Gospel is by training a nation’s sons and daughters to multiply believers and churches to reach their own people for Christ and then partner with them to reach the rest of the world.”

If you want to serve with One Mission, they offer volunteering positions, as well as short-term, mid-term, and long-term placements.

Find out more about One Mission

New International

“New International leads a fresh approach to global outreach. We see God’s work in our ever-changing world and seek to join with God in His mission of restoration and redemption, as evidenced by people of all nations worshiping Him, experiencing continuous life transformation, fulfilling their God-given purpose, and fostering the emergence of Jesus-following communities.”

Their current needs in Central Asia include English teacher, and horticulturalist.

Find out more about New International

Is God calling you to the unreached of Central Asia?

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